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"The numbers prove it — Sandler-trained salespeople close more sales, more quickly, profitably, and consistently than any other training."

 Aberdeen Group Research

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  • Why Sales People Fail – The importance of having a selling system
  • Learn To ‘Read’ People To Improve Your Sales – Communicate more effectively with everyone you meet
  • The Psychology of Selling – What’s really happening in the buyer/seller relationship?
  • The Importance of PAIN – Identifying reasons for doing business


  • Hiring For Sales (And Other Positions) – An effective interview and hiring process to avoid being sold by smooth talkers
  • Understanding You Understanding Your People – Effective leaders understand their people and how to best communicate with each
  • Accountability – The Four Myths of Accountability and tips that make it easier to hold your staff accountable
  • Coaching For High Performance – Enable each team member to achieve their highest potential 

What's Sandler Training All About?

Most clients initially approach Sandler with a combination of concern and curiosity. Concern because their business isn't where they want it to be. They know they can achieve more, but aren't sure what to do to realize the success they desire. Which makes them curious about Sandler and whether we can help.

What these business owners, professionals, and sales leaders often have in common is that sales is something they do not a process they study, practice, and refine. Being smart, capable, and usually quite personable, most have achieved a high degree of success. But their lack of process and professional training lead to inefficiencies and inconsistencies that limit their growth; when they try to train others to simply sell the way they do, they compound these problems.

At Sandler we teach the Sandler Selling System®. It's a proven sales process that defines what steps to take during every client engagement as well as a methodology that teaches how to effectively engage during each step. Far from being a course on high pressure sales tactics and super aggressive techniques, Sandler teaches the psychology that underlies human interactions, the importance of actively listening to understand clients' issues and concerns, being authentic in one's desire to help and honest when one can't. And we constantly work on improvement in the three pillars of success:  Behavior, Attitude, and Technique.

To maximize your selling potential, it's not enough to know what to do you also have to know how to do it. If you are interested to learn whether Sandler can make your selling process more consistent, efficient, effective, and scalable contact us today.

What Do Clients Say About Dave Cowan And SVSG|Sandler Training? 

"This was a valuable sales training that I would recommend to any organization. Dave does a great job of thinking outside of the typical approach with actionable techniques that will drive a client's business decision with greater success."

David Zuccolotto, Enterprise Sales Director | Solix Technologies


"Dave Cowan is an excellent trainer and coach....I had not done sales training for decades and wish I had engaged Dave sooner..."

Esther Szabo, Owner | Gates Pass Advisors

"Working with David has been a true privilege. He is more of a CRO for our team than a trainer. He has helped establish our sales team, define roles, outline methodologies, set activity targets and keep the motivation high..." 

SC Moatti, Founder and CEO | Products That Count


"Dave has been an outstanding partner to the sales team at Momentive....Our sales reps LOVE Dave's training and he has gone above and beyond in his ongoing engagement and coaching..."

Lisa Duncan, Sr. Director, Global Sales Enablement | Momentive

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Dave Cowan, Founder, SVSG|Sandler Training

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