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Silicon Valley Sales Group, Inc. | Santa Clara, CA

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2-Day Sales Boot Camp


Which one of these sales related areas are you struggling with:

  • Frustrated because you have no systematic approach to business prospecting.

  • Need to have a larger pipeline of qualified opportunities. 

  • "Think-it-overs" have become an all too common response.

  • Stress is your constant companion because you compete on price to close sales.  

  • Selling is something that makes you uncomfortable or uneasy.

Our Systematic Selling Approach Will Help You to:

  • Stop "think-it-overs" by taking charge of the selling process.

  • Use advanced questioning techniques to discover hidden buying motives.

  • Develop a systematic approach to selling that can be used in ANY industry.

  • Increase your pipeline with real opportunities.  

  • Grow your sales! 



Do you want increased sales and a high-quality pipeline? Learn how by attending our dynamic and interactive 2 Day Sales Boot Camp.  

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Sales Professionals will learn:

  1. How to ask effective questions that help close the sale
  2. How to quickly identify the decision-maker(s)
  3. How to uncover the true reasons people buy
  4. How to effortlessly prospect for new business
  5. How to find the power to eliminate unpaid consulting
  6. How to shorten your selling cycle.
  7. How to get more referrals.
  8. How to keep control of the sales process.
  9. How to turn a suspect into a prospect in 30 seconds.
  10. How to effectively handle stalls and objections.
  11. How to stop giving away your profit by selling on price.
  12. How to keep the customer from backing out after he decides to buy.
  13. How to stop buyer's remorse
  14. How to nurture your client into the sale.

Sales managers will learn:

  1. How to find sales people who not only can sell, but will sell.
  2. How to recognize a sales person's weakness before you hire them.
  3. How to get sales people to stop making excuses and start selling.
  4. How to manage your sales pipeline more effectively.
  5. How to prevent your sales people from being unpaid consultants.
  6. How to keep the sales funnel full at all times.
  7. How to instill a selling system with your people.
  8. How to get your sales people to stick to their goals.
  9. How to manage your people's behaviors.
  10. How to effectively coach and manage your people.