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Silicon Valley Sales Group, Inc. | Santa Clara, CA

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2-Day Sales Boot Camp


People attend because they're...

  • Upset that internet competition is undermining their sales and profits.

  • Frustrated because "I'll think-it-over" is an all too common response.

  • Stressed because they don't have enough new customers.

  • Uncomfortable with "sales" and "selling."

  • Worried they don't know what to do next.

Two days later they're...

  • Excited to engage with prospects in a way that builds trust and eliminates the pressure to "sell."

  • Confident they can take charge of the selling process and stop getting "think-it-overs."

  • Keen to use advanced questioning techniques to discover hidden buying motives.

  • Eager to employ a proven selling system.

  • Happy to start accelerating sales growth! 

Why Sandler?

“Sandler Training has put my company in a position to be selective, we’re now taking only the jobs we want. That’s because I’ve become more successful with prospecting, communicating and engaging with clients. I used to present bells and whistles. Now I ask my clients about what's most important to them.”

Dave Edwards PhD, Earth Bound Homes

What Will I Learn?

Our 2-Day Sales Boot Camp is a fast-paced, interactive workshop. It provides a comprehensive overview of the entire Sandler Selling System® with group discussion, exercises, and roll playing activities designed to give you the knowledge and confidence you need to immediately implement what you learn. Each of these modules will help you achieve the sales results you want and deserve.

  • The Buyer Seller Dance

    We compare Prospect Buying Systems, Traditional Selling Systems, and the 7 steps of the Sandler Selling System® to understand why it's so effective.

  • Bonding & Rapport

    We examine buyer-seller psychology, identify different behavioral styles, then learn to use that knowledge to build trust quickly and communicate more effectively.

  • The Up Front Contract

    We identify the five elements required to create mutual agreements with prospects that allow you to drive every interaction to a specified outcome.

  • Why Do Business? PAIN

    You learn why emotion is such a strong indicator of buyer motivation and advanced questioning techniques to determine if your prospect has a compelling reason to buy.

  • 30 Second Commercials

    You create and practice 30-second commercials designed to engage your prospects based on their key pain triggers.

  • Advanced Questioning Strategies

    You learn advanced techniques that enable you to gather the information you need to decide whether it's worth your time to advance the sale or not.

  • Talking Money

    We practice a two-step approach to discussing money issues. Learn to obtain commitment while overcoming any anxiety you feel about discussing money or pricing.

  • The Decision-Making Process

    Discover why it's important to understand the who, what, when, where, how and why of your prospect's decision-making process and how it can impact your sale.

  • Closing - Fulfillment & Post-Sell

    If you've made it this far, closing is just proving you can deliver what your prospect needs, for the amount they can pay, according to the decision process they shared.

  • Improving Your BAT-ting Average

    We discuss Behavior, Attitude, and Technique - the three points of the Sandler® Success Triangle - and how they interact to help or hinder your success in sales.



Do you want to increase sales and build a high-quality pipeline of opportunities? Learn how by attending the 2-Day Sales Boot Camp.  

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