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Hiring For High Performance

Hiring can be tricky. You have to evaluate experience, intelligence, communication and presentation skills, and intangibles like Ambition & Drive - the #1 predictor of sales success.

How Can You Improve Your Hiring Process?

Stop basing your hiring decisions on subjective interviews that, frankly, most hiring managers don't prepare for or conduct well. 

Start using competency-based assessments to scientifically measure traits like assertiveness, decisiveness, initiative, and goal orientation that predict performance in critical sales competencies like Ambition & Drive, Prospecting, Qualifying, and Problem Solving.

The Result?


Objective, data-based assessments will provide deeper, richer perspective on each candidate and their capabilities. You'll no longer have to rely solely on subjective interviews to gauge a candidate's strengths and weaknesses.

You'll save time and money while gaining confidence in your hiring decisions. And you'll be able to build the high performance sales organization you want and your company needs.

The Evolution of Employee Assessments

Not All Personality Assessment Tools Are Alike

Competency-based assessments are effective and predictive talent management instruments.

Leaders in search of top quality candidates use competency assessments in three important ways:

  • To select top candidates with the highest probability of achieving success, pre-hire assessments quickly filter out the rest.
  • To formulate better interview questions, focused on specific areas of strength and weakness, to find the best fit.
  • To guide ongoing professional development and training once the best candidates are hired.


Why Sales Leaders Can’t Afford NOT To Use Pre-Hire Assessments

As a sales leader you’re under pressure to grow and grow fast.

But attracting top candidates is time consuming. Competition is fierce. Worse, compensation is through the roof. And in-house or retained search adds cost to every hire.

That’s what’s so frustrating about poor hiring decisions. Each bad decision costs thousands of dollars in lost opportunity, wages and training. And if you don’t find the right people, with the right capabilities, fast, it will cost you critical momentum, or worse...

So, how can you mitigate that cost and risk?


View the Recorded Webinar

During this webinar you'll learn: 

  • How to measure candidates on the five critical competencies for success in sales:
    • Ambition & Drive
    • Takes Action
    • Accepts Responsibility
    • Sales Prospecting
    • Control & Close
  • How to supplement subjective interviews with objective data from pre-hire assessments to quickly find candidates with the highest probability of success.
  • How to use competency-based assessments to onboard reps more quickly and effectively.
  • How to create individualized action plans to develop the skills and competencies each new hire will need to succeed.
Cover page of Devine-Sandler white paper on employee assessments


Read 9 Reasons Why You Need Employee Assessments to learn how they create efficiency, support employee development, and bolster engagement by the modern workforce.

In a competitive and complicated labor market, managers are struggling to find the talent they need. At the same time, employees are seeking roles that enable them to learn and grow, feel empowered, and embrace a company mission. These factors are driving significant changes in workplace culture.

Organizations that are able to tap into this newly engaged, passionate workforce stand to gain market share and success for years to come.

9 Reasons Why You Need Employee Assessments

Download 9 Reasons Why You Need Employee Assessments
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